Cyber Rhino Squad

Cyber Rhino Squad

The FIRST EVER Metaverse Safari Experience | Make an Impact with us, support the Rhinos and their enviroment!


0% - The Safari Base Camp begins getting Established, Welcome to Cyber Rhino Squad Adventurer!

The brave travel guides and their adventurer parties begin to gather for the expedition of a lifetime!  Base Camp is established!  Members may now purchase Cyber Rhino’s in our Public Mint to receive immediate access to Holder opportunities and benefits!


25% - The Safari Survival Kits and Storage Room Wallet are Established!

It’s time to start packing our bags and getting our supplies together to head out on safari!  We will establish a Safari Survival Kit (Community Wallet), and 15 ETH will be deposited into it for future Community Driven Events and Giveaways!  An additional 7.5ETH will be utilized to create the Safari Storage Room, the Community Vault where we will hold prizes, giveaways, and incentives for future usages!


50% - Caring is for Everyone…Adventuring is for the Brave of Heart!

 We begin doing our part in helping assist our endangered species friends.  Over $100,000 will be donated to Animal Conservation Efforts across the globe in the fields of research, conservancy, and education.  Additionally, the “Cyber Squad Council” will be formed from a group of 15 Holders.  This Council will have access to proposing future usage of the Survival Kits, allocations for the Storage Room, and will be the first ones to see our Metaverse progress in Alpha Development!

75% - Free Cyber Rhino Hornet NFTs for all Cyber Rhino Squad Holders!

As the trucks were being packed and prepped for the upcoming expedition, we stumbled upon some odd-looking bugs.  They seemed like they wanted to join us!  Every Cyber Rhino Squad holder will receive one NFT featuring their own unique, randomly generated Rhino Hornet to accompany them on the expedition.  These Rhino Hornets will have utility attached to them to be revealed in Phase 2 of the roadmap.  Finally, ALL Cyber Rhino Holders will receive alpha updates on the Cyber Rhino Squad Upcoming Meta-Safari Experience!


90% - The Storage Room is Open for Business!

The Storage Room opens for usage!  This is a Holders only mechanic that will be introduced allowing holders to collect Safari Tickets daily (based off how many Cyber Rhino NFTs you hold).  These tickets will be utilized to purchase supplies, NFTs, and products from the Storage Room Wallet!


100% - The Safari Experience into the Metaverse!

With our bags packed, our itineraries mapped, and our trucks gassed, we begin our adventure into the Meta-Safari!  We hope to stumble upon some wild and incredible opportunities…Holders will have access to voting on the Phase 2 Animal and will receive Beta access to begin testing out the Meta-Safari experience! 



Phase 2


A little Sneak Peak for Things to Come...

With our explorations into the safari being an absolute success, why not share in the glory with others?  We begin to set up a new base camp, host virtual metaverse safaris to excited tourists and adrenaline driven adventurers to show others the joys of wildlife!  All NFT holders get early and exclusive access and then revel in the spoils of their work!

No cool Cyber Rhino is complete without some merchandise and swag to sell at the base camp.  Supplies aren’t cheap after all.  Guess you'll have to see what type of goodies our gift shop has in store for you.

It’s been hot days and cold nights on these Safari plains.  Perhaps we go to another area and search for more endangered species to explore and help?  What’s that noise I hear in the distance..?!


Items available: 6000 items
Start price: 0.1 ETH

Werewolf Legends

Werewolf Legends

0.1 ETH / 8888

Next event
drop: ()

Devour’s Industry Collection Restaurant Rewards NFT

Devour’s Industry Collection Restaurant Rewards NFT

0.15 ETH / 10000

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