Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)

Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)

Superhero NFT Wars (also referred as "SNW") is a blockchain GameFi with adventure and combat themes, originally launched on the Binance Smart Chain, and will be compatible with other mainstream public chains (including but not limited to Ethereum and Polygon). 

With establishing an "open world by all SNW players'' as central goal, we have creatively endowed the platform with the following functions, as "NFT Community Raid Combats", "Dimensional Power Wars (collateralize-to-earn with full utilization of game theory)", "Superhero NFT Synthesis", etc. We aim to provide a play-to-earn and co-created on-chain metaverse for all potential players, including NFT collectors, blockchain scientists, game enthusiasts, and so, with full utilization of DAO governance and SocialFi co-creation vision.


Cold Start —— Early Dec.

Dragon Smaug’s Treasure

Dimensional Power Wars

Airdrop of Hero-NFTs, Dragon and Skill Card NFTs to certain candidates (include but not limited to those whitelabeled community members);

Hero-NFT synthesis  functionality

$GEM —— before Christmas

Opening swap for $GEM/BUSD and $GEM/BNB;

Opening up SNW self-marketplace to trade $GEM;

NFT Secondary Exchange  —— before Christmas, synchronzing with $GEM

Listing Hero-NFTs on secondary marketplaces;

Skill Card synthesis functionality and listing Skill Cards on secondary marketplaces;

PVE Dungeon Exploration Module —— 2022 Q1;

Camp Raid Exploration Module and  Rankings —— 2022 Q2;

PVP Module —— 2022 Q3

Online Combat: random match unfair battles, and rankings;

Share Battle: players pledge Hero-NFTs to fair battle between each other;

Dungeon Plot Auctions —— 2022 Q4

Public auction sales of Surface World plots;

Players can DIY/edit the dungeon and own the signature and revenue rights of certain self-designed plots;

Dungeon Map Editor —— 2023 Q1

The project team will enable the dungeon map editor fuynctionality, allowing whitelabeled communities and enthusiastic players to design the originally DIY worldviews, influence (through social media, public voting, etc.), transform and jointly co-construct SNW Metaverse civilization.

SocialFi Co-creation Platform —— 2023 Q2+

True influencers can be identified by their levels of engagement and dedication for SNW SocialFi Co-construction.

SNW functions as a true decentralized autonomous platform, governed by all A-NFT Communities and Hero-NFT $GEM holders who can send in proposals and vote.

Those who want to advertise on the platform can burn tokens to push their posts to the top or broadcast messages to all users.

Once consumption of native tokens outpaces their output, real deflation is realized, as $GEM holders enjoy the appreciation brought by the platform’s growing economic activity.

Content creation itself serves as a form of mining, with active social acts will also reap the benefits in the form of $GEM.

Team Members

The core team members of "Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)" are all web3.0 geeks, professional designers, traditional gaming and GameFi enthusiasts and Blockchain dedicators with a diverse background from Binance, Tencent, Google and Timi Studio Group (Development King Glory) and others. The group has set an entrepreneurial record for blockchain games of attracting more than 1 million daily active users within 3 months of launch. This time with "SNW" the team is aiming much higher by launching the fully community driven game to be the pioneer in its own space.


Drop: ()
Start price: 50.0 USD
Items available: 10000 items

Doge Champions

Doge Champions

0.22 BNB / 10000