Meta Drive Genesis

Meta Drive Genesis

Meta Drive is a collection of 4,000 Genesis Car NFTs that serve as key elements for using the Meta Drive mobile app.

Meta Drive is a Web3 mobile application designed for drivers that offers a range of features to help assess and improve driving skills using trip data. It also introduces a virtual car NFT with in-game customization for entertainment and motivation, and offers crypto rewards in MDT and DRW tokens, as well as discounts from partners.

5 classes: City, Sports, Off-Road, Electric and Travel

6 attributes: Performance, Wear & Tear, Eco-friendliness, HP, Fuel tank capacity, Fuel tank economy

30 levels for upgrades

400+ traits

As players progress through the levels, they gain access to new features that enable them to upgrade, customize, breed, stake, or rent out their cars.

But that's just the beginning. With Meta Drive, players can customize their cars in the tuning workshop, launch their own businesses, and even mint new cars. Meta Drive also offers educational quests, where players can earn achievements and improve their knowledge, as well as compete with other players and share their victories on social media.

Whether you're looking for an immersive gaming experience or a new way to generate rewards, Meta Drive has it all. Join us on Discord and start your engines!

Items available: 4000 items
Start price: 2.5 SOL

DeFi Tribe

DeFi Tribe

1.0 SOL / 4500

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