Launch on BlueMove November 27th

MONAKI will breathe life into APTOS space!

>  **Monaki is a cultural step forward. It’s not a shift. It’s a flip. A 360 degree reversal of the web3 in APTOS space.**

>  Tosiqyu have an official collaboration and partnership with

>  **We have a unique fusion of art and technology with a fully doxxed team**
>  **The art of Monaki is beautiful and intriguing. Monaki blurs the boundaries between web3 and the real world. Our art will always be in trend and in demand.**
>  **Monaki are creating the best art&market project in Web3. More than a payment system, more than a marketplace – **Monaki holders will receive 50% of income.
>  **Monaki with its utilities will give you a pass to the closed world of the beautiful and high in the real world. Visit the best Michelin restaurants with unique offers only for Monaki owners and get haute couture accessories. Attend the best shows and the most spectacular events – Monaki Loyalty Road **

>  **Attend the best parties and business events in the most popular Metaverses with Monaki NFT!**
>  **Only Monaki holders will be able to mint the second collection – the continuation of our great history!**

> **What we offer:**
> Hurry up and get whitelisted before it’s to late

> **To participate:** @everyone
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Items available: 4444 items
Start price: 4.0 USD