Kwanna vol1

Kwanna vol1

Kwame Kwaten, in collaboration with visual artist Anna Carlyle, and music writer and producer Namali Kwaten, aka NK-OK, is releasing a curated audio-visual collection that offers access to the most cutting-edge music business insights of today.
The drop will consist of 240 collectibles $25 US dollars each (multi-token).
12 different pieces of music x animations (in editions of 20) which unlock experiential access to the following:

Buy 1 NFT (25USD) – gain access to an online music industry masterclass, Kwame’s Music Business Insights, hosted by Kwame Kwaten + early access to future sessions.

Buy 3 NFTs (75USD) – have rights to contribute to the live discussion (submit questions in advance, and comments enabled for the live discussion), plus access to recorded Insights sessions + aforementioned utility.

Buy 6 NFTs (150USD) – have your music / project reviewed and discussed in the Insights session. Submit artist project ahead of time with review by Kwame during the session. One of the projects under review will be chosen for the “Golden Ticket”; gets a 1 hour one-to-one session with Kwame + aforementioned utility.

Items available: 240 items